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Wannabe chef. Animal lover. Dunkin' aficionado.

Nice to meet you! My name is Lucky Domingo. I'm a native of the Philippines, turned suburban local of Long Island and a proud first-generation graduate from university in the bustling city of New York. I've lived many lives and have been blessed to come across and connect with many different types of personalities, cultures and lifestyles; 3 of the things I value most to this day. Because of this exposure, I believe this makes my perspective and my work UNIQUE.

Though my body thrived in fast paced environments, my mind enjoyed slowing down and taking mental images of small fleeting moments, as if it was a movie ie. sunsets peeking over the ocean, vines crawling up a building, couples laying at the park and so on. I romanticize life and believe that the world is art and I was put here to capture it with a lens. So in 2019, when my soul felt stagnant, I picked up my life and moved 1,000 miles away with my high school sweetheart to the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia.



However unlike the craziness that finds me too often — simplicity is my forte when it comes to photography. True to tone colors, textured backgrounds and naturalistic textures are my artistic style while lively, soulful couples are the ones that laugh their way behind my lens.

When I'm not ruining my posture while editing on my oversized computer screen or waddling next to my clients with my huge camera, you can find me cooking new recipes in my kitchen, throwing a frisbee with my doggies or passing time with friends and family. Just like love, I too am a combination of calm and crazy and it's something I can't wait to share with you!

Here is where I embraced this dream that led me to you.

– abigail T.

"Lucky did my fiancé and I’s engagement session and we absolutely loved it! It was exactly what we envisioned for our engagement photos! She went above and beyond to make our session fun and enjoyable with her helpful tips. I loved my photos so much I wanted her to do my grad photos too, and of course those came out absolutely amazing too! She also got photos of my nursing school pinning ceremony with my friends and family, she even went out of her way to rent a lens to better capture me walking across the stage! We love having her as our photographer and will definitely be using Lucky for all future sessions!"

Fun Facts about me!

Wonder what I'm like without a camera in my hands? Read on!

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food, food, food

As a Filipina I was taught that sharing meals can create bonds and memories like no other. So naturally challenging myself in the kitchen is my form of therapy. 

Wanna talk food? Need a recipe idea? Or wanna tell me a 20-minute-long story about the best steak you've ever had? I've got you!

I love all animals especially ones with little toe beans! I will literally cross a street of oncoming trucks as long as I get to pet a dog (with permission of course!)

Photographing a wedding with a dog is definitely on my Bucket List!

animal lover

One of my personality traits is that I come from a ginormous family. I have 46 first cousins and 15 aunts/uncles just on ONE side. (The photo above is literally only 1/4 of us).

I'd like to think that I truly know what it means to handle a large crowd!

a "real life" brady bunch member

When I was little I read all day and night. Since becoming an adult, I lost my passion for reading... until recently!!

Now you can find me hidden away with coffee and a book whenever I get a chance. My favorite genres are romance, fantasy and thrillers! #ACOTARGirlyForLife

let's read!